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Author: Michael Matteo

Packaging 101

Which packaging solution is right for your business?

Are you new to packaging and unsure about your options? Or are you hand-packing mailers and ready for the next level? Maybe you’re growing rapidly and ready to bring in an automated solution. Exploring all your packaging solutions, at every stage of shipping, is equally as important as the product you put into the package.


Recycling your Mailers

Items arrive at homes and businesses daily and most of the packaging and shipping materials they come in can be recycled. Over the years PAC Worldwide has transitioned many couriers, fulfillment houses and e-retailers into mailers and away from boxes. Boxes are recyclable, but did you know almost all of PAC’s mailers are 100% recyclable as well? PAC


Packaging on a Diet

As many Americans take their chubby bodies to gyms and on outside walking trails these days they are realizing the GREAT benefits of weight reduction. They are thinking, why should I carry these extra pounds around every day when with a small effort I can be lighter. These folks are trying to reduce their costs


Mailers Vs. Boxes –The Debate Continues

My township charges me $2.00 per trash bag that I am forced to use at my curb for trash. They also pick up almost all non garbage at the pick up so one pricey bag a week is all I need. As my family orders items from internet retailers and on line sellers, it always